Private Jet

Cessna Citation Mustang

The Citation Mustang allows seating for four passengers and two crewmembers, but is also certified to fly with only one pilot. 
Designed to be a low cost upgrade for the twin prop customer, the Mustang offers high performance on a budget.


  • Classification: Small Jet

  • Seats: 4

  • Speed: 330 kts

  • Range: 1050 nm

€ 2.000 / hr

Cessna Citation II

This popular jet sets the standard for modern light business jets. The updated version of the Citation Jet, the Citation II has increased performance and comfort. The ideal aircraft for the European continent, the Citation II combines cost-efficiency with excellent access to Europe's smaller airports.


  • Classification: Small Jet

  • Seats: 7

  • Speed: 335 kts

  • Range: 1739 nm


€ 2.400 / hr

Hawker 800xp

Few aircraft can match the Hawker 800 combination of comfort, cabin size and range, making it one of the most popular midsize business jets. It is designed to complete transcontinental and international flights as needed, as well as have good short range capabilities.


  • Seats: 8

  • Speed: 400 kts

  • Range: 2300 nm

€ 3.600 / hr

Falcon 50

Dassault's Falcon 50 private jet strikes a good balance between range, runway performance, and speed in the Falcon 50. 

Its performance levels are high while other factors, such as its takeoff distance, means the Falcon 50 competes favourably with other long range business jets available on the private jet charter market.


  • Classification: Long Range Jet

  • Seats: 9

  • Speed: 420 kts

  • Range: 3223 nm

€ 5.500 / hr

Gulfstream G III

The Gulfstream 3 has the ability to carry 13 passengers, travel 3650 nautical miles at Mach 0.8 and cruise at 45,000 feet. It can handle domestic jaunts and transcontinental flights with equal ease.


  • Classification: Long Range Jet

  • Seats: 13

  • Speed: 410 kts

  • Range: 3650 nm

€ 6.100 / hr

Bombardier Global Express

The Global Express was the pioneer of ultra-long-range private jets. At the time of its release, no other private jet had a cabin nearly as large, nor could any jet make such long-range direct flights, like New York to Tokyo or Paris to Singapore. The Global Express offers everything an airliner does range, comfort, and speed - without the hassle.


  • Classification: Long Range Jet

  • Seats: 14

  • Speed: 450 kts

  • Range: 5320 nm

€ 7.200 / hr

Airbus A319

The Airbus A319 VIP combines the largest-in-class cabin with Airbus reliability and intercontinental performance. It is one of very few aircraft in the exclusive charter market to feature a private office and bathroom across the entire cabin width.


  • Classification: Long Range Jet

  • Seats: 25

  • Speed: 423 kts

  • Range: 6900 nm

€ 12.600 / hr

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