We do not gossip or make accusations without any reason or substancial evidence, but from the companies we describe below,

we can prove they are fraudsters, and they tried or succeeded to defraud or decieve our company and/or our customers.

Phab Aviation blacklisted some companies for non payment of commissions or just because they are crooks without aircrafts.
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Fraud & Blacklist 2013-2021


CIS Group AG
Collective Intelligence Solution AG
Bahnhofstrasse 21, CH – 9100 Herisau, Switzerland, Tel: +352-621-815-515

Took money for due diligence then never deliver a single thing and refuses to pay it back.

Mr Rosell Harald is a liar, big time, and takes money from people without any result, this guy should really be in jail !

Mr Rosell Harald, Danish citizen with fake professional background.


CIS Group Ag, Switzerland has got 2 directors, Mr Rosell Harald and Mr Nef Patrick ( Nef Consulting www.nefconsulting.ch ).


Harald Rosell is leaving in Luxembourg.

Rosell harald phone: +352 621815515

Email: FalconGermany@t-online.de

His bank account: ICBC BANK Ltd. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, Frankfurt Branch, Germany, account number: 9000 159 106


NOTE: We're not the only one to complain:


Criminal case in USA: http://thewhistleblowers.info/alert-harald-rosell-2005-us-doj-criminal-case-2009-us-civil-case/
























Person involved: Nick Ross / nick@proviation.co.uk


Purchase aircraft equipment and never arrived, and never been refund after 1 year of email and phone calls.

Avoid to order anything from them.


See forums speaking about proviation UK:

PPRUNE: http://www.pprune.org/private-flying/476735-proviation-customer-care-problems.html

FLYER: http://forums.flyer.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=79071&start=15

British Microlight Association: http://forums.bmaa.org/default.aspx?f=15&m=129978

Trustpilot: http://fr-be.trustpilot.com/review/proaviation.co.uk


TO BRING NICK ROSS TO JUSTICEhttp://www.ipetitions.com/petition/bring-nick-ross-to-justice


AFRICAN COACH (Dakar, Sénégal)


Person involved: Ababacar DIOUF / coach@africancoach.org


We organised charter flights with a pax MD11, from New York to Dakar, get the deposit but the customer never pay the rest of the flights; flights were cancel few days before schedule and a third party (pax) claim us the amount of the deposit which was lost as per aircraft provider (and contract) rules.

Mr Ababacar Diouf, use the money of people and mess up all the operations. 

Sad, as it could be a very nice setup operation.


Ababacar DIOUF

Coach Consulting Service



Tel :( 221) 30 101 14 93

Cell:( 221) 77 102 35 62

Fax: ( 221) 33 824 82 61




Francisco Del Campo Wright 


Le Michelangelo 7, avenue de Papalins MC-98000 Monte-Carlo Monaco


E-mail: fdc@prestige-aircraft.com

Téléphone: +377-99 99 88 99

Fax: +377-93 50 11 91

Mobile: +33-660 68 05 61


Received by email:


We are a customer of  aircraft spare parts . We have to complain about your competitor Monaco broker of aircrafts  Francisco Del Campo Wright whose company Prestige Aircraft is based in Monaco and has offices in France, UK, Swizerland,USA , Italy,Spain, the Middle East, etc.

Mr Francisco Del Campo Wright is involved in crooking up stories about Eurocopter and damaging reputation of Eurocopter and  cheating us (his customer) and defaultadebt ( about 110  thousand  euros excluding incurred interest )and having no credibility.  


Located in Beijing,china, our company name is Beijing Long March Sino-Equip Composite Technology Co.ltd, we are a dealer of aircraft  spare parts. 

 Francisco Del Campo Wright, who is a broker of aircrafts , who is a broker of  Eurocopter , who runs a aircraft brokerage and charting company registered in Monaco and named Prestige Aircraft , his company website is www.prestige-aircraft.com ( he  totally changed his website and email address recently to www.prestigeair.net to dodge us( his creditor ),but his name and his company name are remained for the time being).


As a broker  of Eurocopter,  Francisco Del Campo Wright  sold us 16 Eurocopter  frequency adapters on April 15,2011, the part number is 365A31-2037-01, we can show  his proforma invoice and bank information and  for these parts, the payment terms he required is cash before delivery, we have paid him about 110  thousand  euros for these parts . Our customer cancelled the purchasing order for these parts, so we had to cancel our purchasing order with Mr Francisco Del Campo Wright  ,  we asked him to  return  these parts to Eurocopter through him and return our payment for these parts , deducting the reasonable incurred costs ,  however, Mr Francisco Del Campo Wright refused our request, he professed that cancellation of  purchasing order is hated and punished and annoyed by Eurocopter , he professed  that he directly ordered these parts from Eurocopter, he claimed that  Eurocopter regards cancellation of the purchasing order as a matter of demage and breakage of reputation and coopperation,  he professed  that our cancellation of the purchasing order damaged and broke his reputation and his trust and cooperation with Eurocopter, using this as an excuse,he refused to return our payment for these parts,  he forcibly detained our payment and ordered parts  from  2011 until now ( about 110  thousand  euros  excluding generated interest )despite we demanded repayment and other solution via countless emails and telephone calls to him for days and months and years. He intentionally dragged his feet, he ignored our emails and telephone calls, he made himself disappear from time to time.  To friendly solve this issue, we shew our maximum patience and tolerance , we made a concession to him and asked him to perform the original purchasing order  and deliver us these parts( 365A31-2037-01)although we don't need them,but he remains cooking up various stories and excuses such as illness and vacations and business trips and busy with working etc and dragging his feet and kept us waiting for his delivery time for so long,for more than one month,seemingly endlessly,  his biggest excuse is that  Eurocopter kept him waiting for so long and endless for the delivery time, and  it is  Eurocopter  that  kept him and us waiting for quotation for frequency adapter P/N 365A31-2037-01 endlessly.Isn't his excuse  very unusual and weird?


We cooperated with some other dealers of Eurocopter parts in Europe and US , they all could offer their quotation very soon, at most a couple of days, it is hard to believe that  Eurocopter's  quotation and efficiency are so slow as what he described.  


Mr Francisco Del Campo Wright professed that he has contacts within Eurocopter and he directly purchased spare parts from Eurocopter  ,but actually Eurocopter confirmed that  Eurocopter never approved him as their dealer;  Francisco Del Campo Wright professed  that  cancellation of purchasing order is hated and punished and  irritated by Eurocopter , and  Eurocopter regards cancellation of purchasing  order as a matter of  damage and breakage of reputation and trust and  unforgiveness  ,furthermore,  Francisco Del Campo Wright professed that  Eurocopter  drags their feet and spent more than one  month or more or endless time on the quotation about frequency adapter   365A31-2037-01, but actually Eurocopter confirmed that they have no direct business with Francisco Del Campo Wright. 


 It is evident that Francisco Del Campo Wright is lying and he is a liar and cheater, he is attempting to repudiate his debt of about 110  thousand euros (excluding incurred interest ) owed to us. 


Be careful of Francisco Del Campo Wright!



We don't recomand this pilot, trouble maker, he will crash your operation.


B1900 & DA50



ALOK AIR South Sudan

Ahmed Fouad Abbas  afabbas01@gmail.com
As they don't have a proper email or website, we don't know if this individual is really from Alok Air.

Very aggressive person, non commercial, anti customer attitude and racist !

We and another person from Ukraine complain about this guy.



Blue Cube aviation


Joseph Amissah

Very hard to get the commission back from Mr Amissah.

ASA Aircargo aka “Asia Pacific Airways”   

Staff: Tony Kunz

Act as Charter Company but does not have any aircraft. Send fake contracts with false information about flights and A/C registration.

They offer us a B737-400F YOM 2001 (production en in 1999 !) with aircraft maintenance spec of a B737-200F



PAC Gulf Holdings

,PO BOX 54620, Building E3, 4th Floor, Dubai Airport Free Zone, Dubai , aka 

Pentagon Capital , Po BOX 31303, Level 41 Emirates Towers, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Emirates, aka

PAC Gulf Holdings t/a Pentagon Aerospace Capital , a Pentagon Capital Management PJSC company

Staff: Barry Maitland, Peter Nicol, Jessica Gilmour, Carole J Mc Mail, Adrian Fernandez, and Jason Walters

Act as "Lessor", with very "official" contracts, but after receiving deposits, they never deliver aircraft and keep the deposits.



web service plus

21, avenue jean moulin

93100 Montreuil


They use this adress also:

20 bis rue louis philippe

92200 neuilly sur seine


+33789092786 0789092786

+33 6 58 12 85 41

+33 6 16 04 78 22




They are selling you a service that doesn't exist. On phone they just insult you ... stay far from those guys.








CIS Group, Switzerland. Crook, liar, fraud concerning finance solution