Dash 8-200

Aircraft Type:            Dash 8-200

Capacity:                    37Y

YOM:                           1998

Total time                   8952

Cycle                           8344

Registration:             Africa



  • Leather seats

  • Rear passenger lavatory

  • Cruise speed 245Kts

  • Fuel consumption of 1.200Lbs/hr

  • Pressurised cabin, max flight level FL250.



  • Lease rate:                                       USD 1.900/BH

  • Minimum Guarantee                   100BH/month

  • Over 100BH:                                    USD 1.700/BH

  • Initial payment is 3 months pay -- One month pay as advance and two months as security deposit  -- 

  • Standard crew perdiem is USD 50 per day per crew



        2x Captains

        2x Technicians


We will provide engineering support for the aircraft with full time engineer onsite and a small stock of AOG spares.


We will require hangar space for spares, maintenance checks and hangarage when the aircraft is not flying. 






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